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Our Favorite Lie

This is the first is an ongoing series of articles taken directly from The Talent Myth by Larry Gluck. It is our sincere hope that you find this series both inspiring and empowering. We will also be categorizing all of the series in a special Talent Myth Series category for those who might miss one […]

Lights Out, Everyone

The talent myth perpetuates itself from generation to generation. Even you and I have unwittingly passed it on.

At the first display of creativity, family and friends heap admiration and encouragement on the child. But unless some vast gift is evident, our oohs and ahs dwindle as the novelty fades. The once enthusiastic response to a […]

The Power of Art

A True Story
On a Friday night in 1960, Ernest and Hilda Low, while vacationing on St. Thomas, left their room of the Hilton Hotel and headed for the lobby. When they arrived, and as Ernest naturally scanned the lobby, something caught his eye, a simple, yet incredible painting of a young island boy. […]

5 Reasons…

5 Reasons Why Art Education is Failing in Our Schools and Universities.
Eric Hines and Larry Gluck
You may or may not be aware of the decline in art education in the last 70 years. If you are unaware, believe me it’s been in a steady decline.
I have the pleasure of working with Larry […]

Drawing the line

Art teacher challenges myth of innate artistic abilities
Meredith Grenier

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES – “I can’t draw a straight line.”
How often have you heard this lament — often coming from your own mouth? Maybe you are convinced you have no artistic talent — no natural ability, no gifts […]

The Perfect Art Instructor

How to Choose the Perfect Art Instructor

Eric Hines and Larry Gluck
There is nothing worse for the excited eager-to-learn art student than walking into a poor learning environment run by a mediocre art instructor.
In short order the student is set up for loss after loss. The fundamentals are […]

Is Your Child Talented?

Since the dawn of history, art has been a fundamental part of life. From cave paintings to masterpieces at the Louvre, we find this common denominator in every culture. It is an extemely worthwhile endeavor.
The questions remain: How do you go about creating art? Is natural talent necessary? […]